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We design and produce Vinyl and Coroplast Signage.  No sign too big or small!!!   Creative signs can give your business a visual boost and make it stand out from your Competitors.  Below is a client we created signs for to give their store a new look & feel...  They were very pleased with the results...on a budget!! We can do this for you, too. Call for a FREE quote 248.667.6449.


Store Client Site - 2014

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Coroplast Yard Signs


When people think of a basic yard sign, most people are thinking of a product named coroplast. Coro is a pretty good material for your basic, short to medium-term, outdoor sign. Its made of a lightweight corrugated plastic which makes it compatible with simple wire H stakes that you can stick in the ground.


We use coro for a lot of contractors who want to put something in the lawn while they build a pool for someone, or put in cabinets, that sort of thing. They can also work for real estate agents looking to advertise a particular house. The benefits of coro are that its fairly inexpensive and easy to work with. Along with an H-stake, a corosign can be posted without digging any holes or using any tools. It can also be removed just as easily. Unfortunately, this also makes them an easy target for sign-snatchers.


Coro is very light, yet its rigid so it wont have the tendency to droop like some other light materials. Its flatbed-friendly, so the signs can be run by the hundreds at a very reasonable price.


Vehicle Magnets


Magnetic signs are the best outdoor mobile marketing tools for small business. With a pair of magnets showing a company logo, phone number, marketing message, or website address on the car door, even pizza delivery shops, courier services, laundry, dry cleaners, and small stores can have professional company images! Simply apply the practical car magnetic or van magnets to all employee and contractor vehicle doors and enjoy the positive response from impressed customers.


Be sure to select the right size magnet for your truck or vehicle as our car signs come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all vehicles


12 x 18 / 12 x 24 / 18 x 24 / 12 x 42 / 24 x 72


Standard Size: 12 x 24




13 & 18 oz. Scrim Vinyl HD Banners

Wide-format, Latex Printing

Premium Vinyl Scrim

Color Accuracy


In need of a vibrant, Vinyl banner for your next event or business location?  We can create your CUSTOM banner in 24 hours and have it in your hands in 2-business days!!!


We charge $6 per square foot with a FREE BASIC DESIGN.


For Example:  6' x 2' = 12 ft   /   12ft x $6= $72


Our vinyl banners has vivid contrast and produced in the highest print density available.  We print single or double sided.  We offer welding and grommets, pole pockets and rope.


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